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IRCTC - Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation

IRCTC - Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation


Now Book IRCTC Train Tickets Online at bigmyshop offers all facilities for train reservations including IRCTC login on its site, which means besides booking the ticket online, you can search for trains and their routes, train schedules, check for seat availability and train.

IRCTC is one of the busiest websites and by offering the same services on the bigmyshop platform, we achieved two objectives. Yatra was able to now offer a complete portfolio of travel options to its customers from flights, hotels, holiday packages, car rentals to train reservations. Secondly it gave customers a more seamless customer experience on its website, thus encouraging them to use the Yatra platform for train reservations..

Benefits :-

  • Book Unlimited Tickets without any capping.
  • Make your shop a complete travel booking Shop.
  • A gateway to enter online Railway Ticket Booking business through IRCTC.
  • Commercial License for selling railway reservation E-Tickets.
  • Book E-Tickets at your convenience.
  • Easy Cancellation.
  • Efficient, reliable & secure bookings.

Highlights :-

  • You can book unlimited tickets without any Capping.
  • You Can book Tickets for Any Class Biz Sleeper Class, 1st AC, 2nd Ac, 3rd AC, Chair Car, Sittings, ETC.
  • Tatkal Booking can be done after 10:30 am for AC and 11:30 am for Non-AC.
  • Ticket Cancellation can be done.